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Bernadette Bascom

Bernadette, the daughter of Civil Rights activist Rev. Marion C. Bascom, began her career as lead vocalist with Philly outfit People’s Choice with whom she toured the US before settling in Seattle.  Bernadette was the first artist signed to Stevie Wonder‘s label Black Bull and later forged a great recording career in the Pacific Northwest.   For 15 years, Bernadette sang on the Las Vegas strip and was co-star in the award-winning show Divine Divas, she was also one of the Motown Moments at the Motown Cafe.  Bernadette recorded for her own labels Penguin and Solidarity Records.  Her standout performance of “Seattle Sunshine” is still her trademark song although I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love is a particular favourite on the UK rare soul scene.  She has worked with Elton John, Lenny Williams, and others.

In 2004 Bernadette returned to Seattle where she teaches vocal lessons, performance, and production. and has received a well deserved Emmy award for her work with autistic children.  She also is the creator of “PRAISE!, a Sunday Gospel Supper,” which has run at The Triple Door in downtown Seattle.

You can hear Bernadette chat with Ady here:

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Buy her new release ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love / Seattle Sunshine’ here

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