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Change feat. Tanya Michelle Smith

Backed by the influential Ray Caviano’s RFC label, Italian ensemble Change burst onto the music scene in 1980 with their iconic LP Glow Of Love, featuring the vocals of Luther Vandross and Jocelyn Brown and bringing us seminal dance tunes such as Searching, Glow Of Love and A Lover’s Holiday.  Now it’s 2018 and they’ve reformed with original members Davide Romani and Mauro Malavasi plus Canadian chanteuse Tanya Michelle Smith to bring us their latest offering, Love 4 Love

Tania chats with Ady about the great reception that the new album is receiving and the how she feels about continuing the Change legacy

You can hear Tanya’s interview with Ady here: 

You can buy Change’s Love 4 Love CD at all reputable sites, including amazon 

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